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Championships 2015 in Lisbon

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Frota Team Nogueira congratulates all team members who participated and represented the team during last week at the IBJJF European Championships 2015 in Lisbon.

During the last week Frota Team Nogueira took part in the prestigious […]

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Frota Kids Christmas BJJ Training

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After 12 years of hard work, the Frota team family is happy to see the growth and progression of the amount of kids training today. With more than 50 kids training currently, we are more […]




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70-25-04 – Last Fights ( WinLoseDraw)

win Leszek Dolezal – Shooto Sw 13.12.2014
win Shtegu Vrajolli – WLMMA 08-11.2014
win Andreas Duzek– WSFC 28.09 2014
win Martin Buschkamp – GMC 5 – 13.09.2014
win Andreas Duzek– Shooto Geneve 21.06.2014
win Martin Buschkamp – Shooto Sw 07.06.2014
win Leszek Dolezal – Shooto Sw 07.06.2014
win Andreas Duzek– Shooto Sw 07.06.2014

Last Fights Medalistsgold506 silver248 bronz250 = 1004

goldMarco Perna – European 2015
goldLeoncio C. – European 2015
goldLouis Nesser – European 2015
bronzDavid Pereira – European 2015
goldMarco Perna – IBJJF Munich open 2014
goldGold O. – IBJJF Munich open 2014
bronzThomas Buschkamp – IBJJF Munich open 2014
goldTiago BARROS – Human Chess BJJ Cup 2014
goldIlya MOTORYGIN – Human Chess BJJ Cup 2014
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